Saturday, 10 March 2012


A very short trip today, less than 15 minutes. So we are now camped up with my sister’s in-laws (I can’t work out what their relationship is to me, their son is my brother in-law, so my in-law in-laws?). They live is a fabulous location right above their village with 360° views, it’s really quiet up here (once their generator is switched off) and very dark – you seem to be very close to the stars. They live very much off-grid with a bore hole, generator and septic tank.
Spot our van parked outside their house!

We have spent the day picking their brains and being absolutely spoilt; we were well fed (they even had British tea!!) and then they let us use their washing machine!!! On Saturday they’re going to take us house hunting to the west coast – they said the coastline there reminds them a lot of Cornwall. It would be fantastic to find a farm that was also close to the sea.


  1. Hi Sandra and Brett, glad you're having a good time with my in-laws, you could refer to them as your nephew's grandparents to confuse matters further! Good luck with the house viewing, i must say its really interesting following your blog. xxxxx

  2. Ha Ha, that doesn't really make it any clearer does it. Glad you're enjoying reading the blog - we're enjoying living it!