Tuesday, 6 March 2012


As we want to revisit Quinta Donkey and view some other properties we have stayed at the municipal campsite for a third night.

The pavements in Castelo Branco are works of art; small cobbled stone, mosaics – there were men repairing a section; they were shaping the stones in situ with a chisel and hammer.

We briefly got on to the internet today by driving around Castel Branco with me sitting with the computer on my lap trying to get a signal and when we did get it we had to park in a taxi rank! So we deleted the 26 emails in our inbox and 9 in spam, but didn’t have time to update the blog (it takes quite a while to upload, especially the photos).

We decided to conserve gas by using the campsite showers – bad move!!! It was horrible; fixed shower head, trickling lukewarm water, cold tiled environment (it reminded me of the changing rooms when we went swimming with the school); on the positive side it made me realise how good the shower in the van is.

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