Thursday, 22 March 2012


Yesterday I decorated my bike basket ......................................
Isn’t she pretty?

We left our comfortable campsite this morning and headed off along the coast towards Spain, looking for this cheap campsite, we’d seen on the internet, at Tavira – we drove into the town and around the town but couldn’t find it. We continued along the N125 until we saw a sign ‘Campismo’ and we came to this campsite – I don’t know how we actually ended up here; we asked the price, it was expensive but before we knew it we were being given entrance cards for the van and pedestrians (it’s a bit like ‘Colditz’ here, there’s a barrier for the van and turnstiles for us!) and handing over our passports. Everything is extra – so no hook up tonight and no internet access!!! We’re both a little bit annoyed with ourselves and it’s only over 12! However ............................

We went for a bike ride, it’s brilliant now Brett’s bike is mended, and found the beach front – masses of bars and restaurants, but also very pretty.
Then as we cycled out along the coastal path we came across this Moorish castle it was beautiful; quite run down yet full of charm – I would love to paint it (I didn’t have my stuff with me, perhaps we’ll go back tomorrow). Unfortunately it was obviously privately owned and wasn’t open to the public – you could see a more modern dwelling within the walls. It looks like it could have had a moat at some time.

Spot the theme in this post!!!

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