Saturday, 17 March 2012

17th Mar OLHAO

Happy St Patrick’s Day, Dee!!

First thing this morning we got electrical hook up (2); as we couldn’t buy a 3 pin to 2 pin adaptor (not even from Leroy Merlin!!!! Howard & Pauline) Brett had to change the plug at the end of our cable; we were a bit worried about ‘reverse polarity’. This is something that’s mentioned a lot on camping forums, but we did a bit of research and decided it wasn’t an issue; which proved to be right as now the van batteries are fully charged and so are our phones, kindles and computer.
Today we hadn’t made any real plans, then we got talking to the couple in the campervan next to us – nearly three hours later and we were still talking! Brett wants me to point out that we were (me!) drinking red wine at 11.00 a.m.! The lady was telling me about a shop where you can buy wine on tap; you take a bottle and they fill it up – they had a 5Lwater bottle which cost 5; I was just being polite as she wanted to prove that it was drinkable – it was actually quite nice, not in the least bit rough (now I’ve just got to find that shop!!). Brett says I could fill the water tank up with it (it’s 40L) then I can literally have it on tap (don’t think he meant it).

So after lunch we rode our bikes into town; it wasn’t a very nice ride as we had forgotten it was Saturday. It started off quite quietly then as we got nearer the sea front there were masses of restaurants and bars and the number of people and cars increased and it got very busy – I’m not good on busy roads and Brett worries about me; but then we meet our neighbours (from this morning) who said we could ride on the footpath and, as there was no notice saying we couldn’t, that’s what we did – much better.
We got back to the campsite, washed our bikes (they get very dusty on the back of the van) and by 5.00 were in the bar, watching the rugby (England v Ireland).

There are quite a few people living here full time; in caravans, campervans and even tents. They personalise their plots; marking their space with fences (or 5L water bottles filled with sand or water), masses of pot plants, patio furniture (of course!) oh yes and most of them have tarpaulins down on the ground which they sweep daily. There’s one near us with a bird in a cage outside; lots have dogs and some even have cats. But my favourites are the ones go 'over the top' with lighting ........................
Pretty fairy lights

Some even have garden statues - I haven't noticed any gnomes (I'll have a better look tomorrow).

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