Friday, 23 March 2012


First thing I got Brett to take photos of the plastic bottle windmills – they would make brilliant bird scarers in a vegetable garden.

Unfortunately you don’t get the full impact of this plot from a photo; it’s absolutely jam packed with plants, wind chimes, windmills, hanging lights, shells, pebbles .......................... I love it!

We cycled back to Vila Real de Santo Antonio (I got that wrong yesterday – but I can’t edit it!). It’s a lovely old town with some very beautiful buildings and a huge town square.
Tres shabby chic, n'est pas?

There are absolutely masses of shops here all selling the same things – towels and aprons; it was weird, it was as if all the shop keepers had bought their wares at the same wholesalers. We had a cheap (13) impromptu lunch, at one of the cafes in the town square, whilst being entertained by three buskers (two with accordions and one with a cello).
The orange trees around the square are all in bloom

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