Tuesday, 6 March 2012


We had a lazy morning today as we weren’t meeting the agents until 1.00. We went for a walk and met some black pigs; this is probably the type we’ll have when we eventually settle.

The agents were a young couple who came to live here a couple of years ago, he’s Canadian and she’s Italian and they had a lovely baby girl just two months old; they explained that they were just helping out their neighbours who wanted to sell property – they were the mediators and translators.

The first property we saw, 12.5 acres, was one we had been quite excited by – the land was ok, the views were fantastic but ....................... the shed (house)!!! To start with it was covered with mouse droppings and absolutely stunk, and the floor sloped to such an extent that levelling it would make part of the room about 4’ high – so that was a big “no, no”.

The second property we had looked at on the internet and decided to look at because the buildings (3 small cottages) looked promising, but there was only 3 acres of land so we weren’t holding out that much hope. It was so quaint, really charming set up; the land was literally in the foothills of Monsanto, with fabulous views. And although there wasn’t as much land as we wanted it was very fertile and all of it useable; we both felt we could live there if we were willing to compromise on livestock (a cow would be out of the question) – and it’s only 32,000€.

We are now much more positive than yesterday. We have a 9.00 appointment in Castelo Branco in the morning and decided to look for a campsite nearer to town (as there are no aires in the vicinity). Castelo Branco is a nightmare to drive through; I had no idea where we were heading and poor old Brett was trying to drive. Tonight we’re parked up in a municipal campsite just outside the town.

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