Thursday, 22 March 2012


We needed to find a campsite today as my bike battery hasn’t been charged since we left home; and as we’re not doing a lot of driving at the moment the campervan battery also needs charging (by campervan battery I mean the one that runs the electrics in the habitation area, not the engine battery).

I keep noticing errors when I check that my posts have been published; unfortunately I can’t edit a post once it’s been published as I’m using the Portuguese version of blogspot and I can’t understand how to do it – it’s niggling me!!
So we’re now booked into the campsite at Monte Gordo 8.83 inclusive of electricity and free internet (the last site wanted to charge 3€ for electricity and 1€ an hour for internet!) so we’re much happier here. Unlike the last site (Colditz) which was very sterile (lots of regulations and charges) this site has a similar laidback feel as the site we stayed on for five day at Olhao; and again there are quite a few full timers with their individualised plots – the in thing here is windmills made from plastic water bottles (I will be taking photos tomorrow). I haven’t used the toilets here but I have it on good authority (Brett’s – he had to go in to empty our waste) that there’s just a hole in the ground that you have to squat over – thank goodness we have our own!!!

Monte Gordo is within spitting distance of Spain; it has a nice feel to it, with a big sandy beach, and lots of restaurants and bars; a 2 mile cycle ride took us to Vila Real de Santo Antonia where the river forms the border with Spain.

There’s a marina with some very nice boats (which we lusted after) and lots of fish (Brett says trout – but that’s what he always says!) in the very clear sea – and “No” Henry we haven’t been fishing yet! We’re going to return to Vila Real and explore further tomorrow.
Marina at Vila Real de Santo Antonia
As I had internet access I googled ‘dyed pigeons’ – apparently it’s a Spanish pigeon fancier’s practise, for bird identification when racing (kind of what we figured).


  1. Hi Sandra, the blogs all are great, very envious. The scenery is beautiful. Keep on posting the blogs.

  2. Thanks for the comment Steph; it's great to know you're enjoying reading the blog - as I said before we're really enjoying living it!!